Apr 22, 2008



Charity Auctions, Sports Club Fundraising, Memorabilia Raffles, Fund Raising for Organizations.

If you want to raise money, give Sportznut a call on 1300 NUT 007. We may provide an auctioneer for free if you are in the region. Give Ron a call to find out.

We service Victoria mainly but can assist with fundraisers all across Australia supplying AFL Memorabilia, Horse Racing Memorabilia, Car Racing Memorabilia, Cricket Memorabilia, Rugby Memorabilia, Soccer Memorabilia, Military Memorabilia and much more.

Sportznut has helped hundreds of sports clubs, associations and organizations raise money.

Auctions and raffles of sporting memorabilia have become a popular and effective way of entertaining your members and supporters while raising significant funds.

Sportznut’s experience in selecting ideal memorabilia for your needs and being able to provide them at great value wholesale prices, ensures that your fundraiser will be a success.

We can also advise you on many other aspects of organizing an event for a fundraiser, such as dates, timing, format etc.

If you want to raise money for your club or association, why not have an experienced partner in Sportznut to ensure success. It is a no-loss proposition with Sportznut.

Give Ron a call to learn more on 1300 NUT 007 or (03) 5229 8007.
Or email us at:
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